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About Us

Our mission statement rings true today just as it did in the past: the vision to know what lies beyond, the knowledge to bring it into focus, and the mission to make it a reality.

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Bill Schnittker

Founder, CEO

LIDP Consulting Services, Inc.

When looking for a new insurance technology platform, there is much more to the selection process than simply choosing a system with the right technology and seems to handle your business well.

Not only is a system being chosen, but a vendor partner as well. LIDP has been providing software and services to the life, health, and annuity industry for over 35 years. Life Insurance software is LIDP’s only business.

LIDP’s performance history illustrates its focus and its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. LIDP has never been involved in any litigation with a client. Certain things, just speak for themselves. We believe that LIDP’s reputation in this arena is the best in the industry. 

    I have been with LIDP from the start over 35 years ago. We have built the most robust policy administration system available in the marketplace. The journey from The Administrator's infancy to its current maturity has involved some major functionality and technological upgrades and will continue to evolve to meet the needs of the life insurance industry. I am proud to be at LIDP and proud of the intellectual capital I work with as we continue to grow and expand our systems.

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    Dave Berry

    Working at LIDP and running the transformation from our original system The Administrator, to our new modern platform Titanium has been a huge undertaking. We have developed a robust solution from the footprint of its predecessor to streamline processes and provide our customers with a modern platform to power their digital and innovation initiatives.

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    Frank Ott


    LIDP was formed in 1979 to provide consulting services to the life insurance industry. Our systems were designed to be highly flexible life, health and annuity processing systems that would take full advantage of technology and meet the business system objectives set forth in the industry.

    Our systems provide processing for virtually all variations of life, health, and annuity products across a wide range of platforms using a single set of source code.

    Unique in many ways, as a privately owned consulting corporation, LIDP has the advantage of responding only to the needs of its clients, its employees, and its systems. During our long history of serving the life insurance industry, LIDP has been exempt from litigations, mergers, acquisitions, major restructuring, and reorganizing.

    LIDP is fortunate to have all of the original architects of the system still involved on a daily basis in the development, service, and support of our software products. They are all in senior positions to ensure the viability and integrity of the system, as well as the on-going satisfaction of the entire client base. As much as anything, they have orchestrated the steady growth of the company through passing their knowledge and experience on to hand picked employees.

    As in the past, the future of LIDP will be marked by innovation, evolution and sometimes revolution.

    Our mission statement rings true today, just as it did in our past.

    The vision to know what lies beyond, the knowledge to bring it into focus, and the mission to make it a reality.