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Dive Into a New Age of
Digital Insurance

Our combination of advanced business logic and modern, scalable technologies, provides an unmatched policy administration experience.

Technology for Business

Titanium's technology and infrastructure is uniquely designed to leverage modern technologies and practices that solve a true business need.

[Series of icons that tie into tech highlights below:

1. Fully-modernized architecture

2. Eco-system flexibility

3. Complete API enablement

4. HAMR automated testing

5. ++??]

TECHNOLOGY [list--do we need this on this page?]

Fully-relational data

NSCC Clearing House interface

Comprehensive management and customer reporting

Audit capabilities

Scalable implementation

Flexible technology

100% Java-based platform

Single Tenant Consistency with Automated Testing

Shared Enhancements — 

Not Environments


Automated Testing Against All

Production Data


Seamless Implementation of 

New Enhancements


Enhanced Security


Always current

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

[technical details]

[Icon or diagram]

[client benefit of fully-modernized, open-architecture]

[techical details ]

[Icon or diagram]

[Client benefit: Complete API enablement]

[ttechnical details]

[Icon or diagram]


Let Titanium Do the Work

Become a Digital- First Insurer

Simplify the experience and minimize the risk with LIDP’s award-winning policy admin system – request a demo today.

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