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Keep your agents connected to the CORE with real-time access to CMS, Titanium's robust compensation and licensing module. 


New business functionality including e-app, illustrations, e-signature, and real time payments.

Provide excelled customer service by making changes to existing clients info all from a computer, tablet, or mobile by downloading the PWA (progressive web-app) from their preferred app store. 

Access to the enterprise office with a one stop shop for notifications about sales initiatives, new training, announcements and more.

Access to their payments, commission statements, licensing and more.

Transform your business empower your sales team.

Titanium is built for ease of integration by exposing the complete end-to-end solution with RESTful based service. These API's allow our partners to connect to their existing portal or utilize prebuilt portals from LIDP.

Agent Portal

CSR Portal

New Business Portal

Titanium Portal

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Digital Agency

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Titanium API's

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