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Dive Into the Powerful Benefits of Digital Modernization

Our combination of advanced business logic and modern, scalable technologies, provides an unmatched policy administration experience.

[new headline]

[need new intro copy that focuses on technology, but is still sales-focused]

[Series of icons that tie into tech highlights below:

1. Fully-modernized architecture

2. Eco-system flexibility

3. Complete API enablement

4. HAMR automated testing

5. ++??]

TECHNOLOGY [list--do we need this on this page?]

Fully-relational data

NSCC Clearing House interface

Comprehensive management and customer reporting

Audit capabilities

Scalable implementation

Flexible technology

100% Java-based platform

Built for Technicians, Proven for Business


[let's simplify this, or ditch it here entirely. Possibly create smaller sections to go along with highlighted tech sections below]

Single Tenant Consistency with Automated Testing

Shared Enhancements — 

Not Environments


Automated Testing Against All

Production Data


Seamless Implementation of 

New Enhancements


Enhanced Security


Always current

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

[technical details]

[Icon or diagram]

[client benefit of fully-modernized, open-architecture]

[techical details ]

[Icon or diagram]

[Client benefit: Complete API enablement]

[ttechnical details]

[Icon or diagram]


Let Titanium Do the Work

Become a Digital- First Insurer

Simplify the experience and minimize the risk with LIDP’s award-winning policy admin system – request a demo today.

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