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Our Mission

The vision to know what lies beyond, the knowledge to bring it into focus, and the mission to make it a reality.

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Our Story

LIDP was formed in 1979 to provide consulting services and solutions for the life insurance industry. Our original solution, The Administrator, launched in 1984 and was designed to be a highly flexible life, health, and annuity processing system. Built to take full advantage of technology and meet the business system objectives set forth in the industry.


Today, LIDP has a new award-winning application with out-of-the-box functionality built from refining product and business practices for over 44 years. Titanium is a cloud-native, single-tenant, highly configurable policy admin system designed to exceed the digital initiatives of today's life insurance carriers.  

LIDP Top 10 Policy Administration Solution Award for 6 consecutive years.

Six consecutive years

Experienced Leadership

Bill Schnittker, CEO

Bill Schnittker


Tim Green, Senior VP Client Services

Tim Green

Senior VP Client Services

Andy Strevell, Senior VP Business Development

Andy Strevell

Senior VP Business Development

Matt Segreti, CTO & Senior VP Product Development

Matthew Segreti

CTO & Senior VP Product Dev.

Nicholas Schnittker, Senior VP Finance & HR

Nicholas Schnittker

Senior VP Finance & HR

Henry Kuyper, VP Business Processing Architect

Henry Kuyper

VP Business Processing Architect

Kimberly Duke, CMO & Senior VP Sales

Kimberly Duke

CMO & Senior VP Sales

Julie Andersen, VP Customer Support

Julie Andersen 

VP Customer Support

Greg Know, VP Development Operations

Greg Knox

VP Development Operations

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