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Dive Into the Powerful Benefits of Digital Modernization

Our combination of advanced business logic and modern, scalable technologies, provides an unmatched policy administration experience.

Unmatched End-to-End Capability for Life Administration

LIDP brings 44 years of product and service experience into a modernized technology infrastructure with Titanium.

LIDP’s Titanium offers functionality that enables true end-to-end processing from new business and underwriting, all the way through claims processing. Our API offers seamless, flexible integrations to all systems. With the ability to build, configure, test, quote, underwrite, and administer both products and policies, Titanium has it all.

Titanium System Features


CSR portal

Agent portal

User-configurable product tools

Intuitive user interface

Context-sensitive real-time help

Group enrollment automation

Group enrollment processing

24/7 availability

Re-proposal illustrations 

New business illustrations 

E-App & new business

Client management


Multi-company support

Life and annuity claim processing

Accounting interface

General ledger interface

Reinsurance interface

Billing and collections

Fixed & variable payout processing

Policy valuation interface

Check writing

Check writing interface  

Case management

Underwriting workbench


Fully-relational data

NSCC Clearing House interface

Comprehensive management and customer reporting

Audit capabilities

Scalable implementation

Flexible technology

100% Java-based platform

For both cloud deployments and onsite systems, Titanium shows its flexibility and its muscle. It can be deployed within nearly any environment that fits insurer needs, and operates on nearly any commercially-available Application Server or Open Source Solution.


We Integrate With Your Ecosystem


Let Titanium Do the Work

Become a Digital- First Insurer

Simplify the experience and minimize the risk with LIDP’s award-winning policy admin system — request a demo today.

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