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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Insurance

The Titanium Advantage

Unrivaled Flexibility

Titanium allows you to choose your database and deploy it in the cloud or on-premises. The highly configurable core system provides the powerful benefits of immediate customization for your organization. Titanium effectively makes it faster, easier, and simpler to do business. 

Accelerated Growth

Titanium’s approach to ease of integration and complete end-to-end processing puts the power in the business’s hands. Launch new products instantly and be the system of truth for new business through the claims process. Titanium’s real-time processing minimizes the wait and accelerates growth.

Unmatched Scalability & Reliability 

Titanium easily scales to enable complete business continuity - running 24/7. Its real-time processing allows the whole business to be in sync. Agents, consumers, CSRs, mid-office, and back-office will all be working from one system of truth. Built for ease of implementation, Titanium is driving digital change all while minimizing risk.

Services That Exceed Expectations

LIDP has a 100% success rate in implementation over 43+ years. We provide the unsurpassed technology - and the dedicated  service and support teams to ensure each partnership is successful. We handle every aspect from deployment and implementation, to integrations and configurations. What ever the need, LIDP will be by your side. 

We Offer the Most Comprehensive
Out-of-the-Box Product Support in the Industry

When it comes to technology, LIDP has developed the kinds of systems and processes that make life easier on technicians and users alike. LIDP built Titanium to exacting standards that provide straight-through processing (STP) for nearly every life & annuity product on the market today. Titanium can be deployed in-house or in the cloud and it is highly secure, giving carriers the peace-of-mind they need to protect their customers and agents.

Universal Life

Variable Universal Life

Variable Life

Hybrid VUL

Interest Sensitive Whole Life

Ordinary Life

Term Life

Frasierized Joint Survivor

Joint Equal Age Survivor

Equity Indexed UL

Association Life

Single Premium UL

Single Premium VUL

Return of Premium


Life with Disability Income 
Life with Long Term Care

LIDP is more than a tech company, we are in the business of building partnerships with our customers to create evolutionary products. We work hand-in-hand with life insurance carriers to minimize your risk in implementation and provide ease of integration.


We provide the expertise to help your business thrive now and into the future.


We Work With You

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