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Driving Digital Change to the Core System Using Complete Automation

2020 changed the world. It forced companies to rethink their strategic initiatives for providing their employees and customers a better digital experience. Employees working from home needed ease of access and consumers needed an easy buying experience. In the life insurance space carriers faced challenges, first getting their workforce remote, then servicing their customers all while trying to sell new products. This demanded a new way to drive digital initiatives that foster growth while minimizing risks.

Within this new world carriers who can accelerate the rate of digital change in their organization are poised for growth and success. Carriers need to meet and engage with their customers online. To this end, embracing the next-generation insurance automation workbench has never been more viable than it is now. Titanium, from LIDP, is more than a core system for life insurance carriers, it meets the needs of their agents and field force as well as the needs of the modern consumer.

Kimberly Duke, LIDP CMO & Senior VP Sales
Insurance CIO Outlook magazine's August 2021 cover story

Driving Digital Change
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