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How LIDP's Titanium is Future-Proofing Life Insurers with an Advanced Policy Admin System

To remain competitive in the world of digital immediacy and convenience, more than 75% of life insurance companies want to enhance their users’ experiences. Whether they are looking for smoother, more streamlined processes for their agents and internal teams or looking to make their users’ experiences entirely web-based, these goals require an advanced policy admin system that is flexible, customizable and scalable.

Enter Titanium, a cloud-based, award-winning solution designed to meet the needs of insurance carriers. But Titanium is more than just a software product; it’s the means to modernize a carrier’s entire infrastructure so as not to become irrelevant as the industry evolves.

For this article, INN spoke with Matthew Segreti, chief technology officer and senior vice president of product development at LIDP. He shared how the company is changing the game for life insurers with a customer-first approach and a cutting-edge policy admin system, Titanium.

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